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Gold plated Broad Hip Belt / Waist Belt / Vadanam

Gold plated Broad Hip Belt / Waist Belt / Vadanam

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3 different designs available.

Grand Hip Belt.

Shiny Antique gold plated Bridal Vadanam.

Indian Traditional Hip Belt.

Hip Belt Chain / Waist belt / Belly chain / Ottiyanam / Vadanam.

Flower design: Minimum circumference: 25.25 inches. Max circumference: 35.7 inches. Height: 0.85 inches.

Etched design: Minimum circumference: 25.75 inches. Max circumference: 34.5 inches. Height: 0.85 inches.

Checked design: Minimum circumference: 25.5 inches. Max circumference: 36 inches. Height: 0.85 inches.

Hip belt comes with adjustable belt with holes. Adjust the size by inserting the protruding circle inside one of the hole and then clip on both sides to hold in place.

Suitable for teen kids depending on their hip size.

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