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Gold plated Full bridal set

  • $90.00

Gold plated Bridal Set. Real gold look alike set.

Set includes long haram, short necklace, earrings with ear chain, Nose ring, Damini, Haath Phool, Vanki.

Earring length: 2.85 inches; Earring width: 1.6 inches.

Earring chain length: 4 inches.

Nose ring height: 1.2 inches. Width: 1.35 inches. Chain length: 6.8 inches.

Vanki (hand accessory; to be worn around the arm): Minimum length: 9.65 inches. Can be adjusted for additional 2 inches.

Maang Tikka length: 6.75 inches; width: 1.6 inches. Side length: 14.8 inches.

Haath phool: Bracelet length: 6.75 inches minimum; can be adjusted for additional 0.9 inches.
Ring to bracelet length: 4 inches.

Long Chain minimum length: 20 inches.

Both Necklace comes with adjustable gold jari cord.

Pendant length: 3 inches; width: 1.85 inches.

Please allow some slight variation in color.

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