About Us

Simpliful was founded in 2013. We started our business with handmade jewels and gradually expanded to different kind of fashion jewelries and still we are working hard in bringing in new varieties to our customers.

We blend the art of both the traditional and modern culture in our handmade designs.

Our motto is "Simple is beautiful" and our mission is to make trendy uniquely designed jewelry accessible to all shoppers across the globe. Our work begins from finding true artisans and designers with high aesthetic, exquisite craftsmanship and a true personal story to share. We believe in supporting these emerging artisans and designers to create a greater context of fashion and lifestyle. 

When we set out to place our business on the internet, we did not want to be just another website that sold just jewelry. We wanted to offer not only a wonderful product but also a intimate shopping experience.

We wanted to make quality jewelries available to all at a very reasonable price. 

We are located in Greater Seattle area in United States. We also ship to international customers and sell to resellers at wholesale price.