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Toddler / Kids Shiny Plastic Bangles with gold line

Toddler / Kids Shiny Plastic Bangles with gold line

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A set includes 2 bangles.

Shiny plastic bangles with gold line for casual use.

Available in Inner Diameter: 1.75, 1.85, 2 , 2.12 inches.

General size recommendation as follows. Please note exact size depends on how healthy the kids hands are.. This is only general recommendation.

1.75 inches - 6 months - 1.5 years old.
1.85 inches - 1.5 years - 2.5 years.
2 inches - 2.5 - 5 years.
2.12 inches - 5 - 7 year old.

Please allow some variation in color.

Kids bangles. Toddler bangles.

Please refer the bangle size chart to measure the actual size of the kid.

PLEASE NOTE: Returns are not accepted for these bangles. Please order the right size.

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