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Antique silver hook drop Earrings - 6 designs

Antique silver hook drop Earrings - 6 designs

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Base material is made of zinc alloy.

Oxidized Silver / Black Metal / Hook drop Earring.

Heart Earring length: 2.75 inches. Earring width: 1.15 inchesweight: 8 grams (both earrings together).

Lined bead Earring length: 3 inches. Earring width: 1.6 inchesweight: 15 grams (both earrings together).

Ghunghru bead Earring length: 2.65 inches. Earring width: 1.6 inches. weight: 11 grams (both earrings together).

Spike Earring length: 2.5 inches. Earring width: 0.75 inches. weight: 16 grams (both earrings together).

Teardrop Earring length: 3.15 inches. Earring width: 1.15 inches. weight: 10 grams (both earrings together).

Curvy Chandbali Earring length: 2.9 inches. Earring width: 1.25 inches. weight: 17 grams (both earrings together).

Please allow some slight variation in color.

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