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Silk thread Bangles - Kids / Toddler Size

Silk thread Bangles - Kids / Toddler Size

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Set of 2 bangles.

Base material is made of plastic and then wrapped with silk thread.
Kundan and rhinestone pasted Handmade bangles.

Available in Inner Diameter: 1.75, 1.89 and 2.12 inches.

General size recommendation as follows. Please note exact size depends on how healthy the kids hands are.. This is only general recommendation.

1.75 inches - 6 months - 1.5 years old.
1.88 inches - 1.5 years - 3 years.
2.12 inches - 6.5 years - 10 years.

Please allow some variation in color.

Match your outfits with these colorful trendy bangles.

Kids bangles. Toddler bangles.

Please avoid exposure to water. Handle with care. While inserting the bangles into the hand, do not hold on the stones. Hold at the edge where there are no stones and then insert the bangles. This will avoid the stones from falling off.

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